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Morris Memorials

It is our commitment to provide quality workmanship and exceptional customer service as we, together, create a lasting tribute

to your loved one.

We have the unique opportunity to provide the experience of not one, but two multi-generational family monument businesses here at Morris Memorials. Here are some Association Affiliations and Memberships:


MBNA - Monument Builders of North America
      Of approximately 4,000 monument retailers, less than 800 qualify to carry the  

      Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) emblem, Morris Memorials is             one of them.

Certified Memorialist / Certified Master Memorialist

      Our owner is a "Certified Memorialist" (CM). A title earned by less than 130                 individuals in North America. As well as a CMM as recognized by the OMBA.

OMBA - Ontario Monument Builders Association
      We are a Charter Member of the Ontario Monument Builders Association